Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Prodigal God-Supplemental Resources

1-He Welcomes Sinners
2-Give Me Mine
3-He Came to Himself
4-To Be Called Your Son
5-And Kissed Him
6-We Had to Celebrate
7-The True Older Brother

These messages will help you appropriate the readings, video, and discussion questions. You may download them free of charge as they have been provided for this purpose. If you truly want to grasp the life changing power of the Gospel I strongly encourage listening to each message. To listen from your computer merely click on each sermon title. If you want to download to play on your mp3 player or burn to a CD, CLICK HERE then right click on each title and save to designated location.

In addition to the messages from the Prodigal God, the following messages, diagrams, and articles will aid you in understanding the main points of Luke 15. Foundational to any discussion about affections of the heart, whether they be towards religion or ireligion, morality or immorality, is a basic understanding of our proclivities/inclinations which manifest in idolatry. The Bible is saturated with warnings and examples. Idolatry is central to understanding the elder brother/younger brother in us all. The following items are also available for download. Simply place your cursor over the title, right click, and save.

Article-The Gospel Grid (Read)

Smashing False Idols-Gospel Realization(Listen)

Smashing False Idols-Gospel Communication(Listen)

Smashing False Idols-Gospel Incarnation(Listen)

Idolatry and The Glory of the Gospel (Read)

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