Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sting- I Need You Like I Need This Hole In My Head

Lady Dolphin and her dolphin beau, 
Were swimming out to sea one day, 
All the other lady dolphins smiled, 
But they were smiling in that subtle dolphin way. So they pretended that they'd pay it no mind, 
But she was female, of the jealous kind, 
 She couldn't stand it not to ask him why, 
She could see that he was flattered by the twinkle in his eye. 

 She said, "How much do you need me? 

How much do you need me?, 
Would you stay with me 'til this ocean floor is dry?, 
 But if you cannot find the words that say, 
 I'm the only one you love that way, 
I guess we'll have to say goodbye", 

 He said, "My love for you is wider than the wide Sargasso Sea, 
 There ain't no bigger number I know, but, 
 I never counted every ripple on the sea." 

He said that words had never failed him yet, 
 "But before our future course is set, 
 I have to find a way to win you dear, 
But there's two atmospheres of pressure on me here." 

 "How much do I need you? How much do I need you? 
Can't seem to find the words to make you stay, 
 But remember all the things I've said, 
That I'll love you 'til the day I'm dead, 
 'Cause I need you like this hole in my head.

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